Saying Goodbye to Super Healthy Kids

After 11 years, I’m saying goodbye to Super Healthy Kids, and the amazing team that helped grow it to where it is today.
I started blogging at Super Healthy Kids when my kids were young and I was excited to connect and share the journey with other parents who wanted to raise healthy kids. I love blogging about food and for the last 11 years, my work never felt like a job! I enjoyed every minute of it.
Today, I’m in a new stage of life. My kids are grown, they are feeding themselves and leaving home one by one. It’s not easy to connect and create content for a young community like it once was. So, now it’s time for something new! I’m excited to continue to watch Super Healthy Kids and Prepear (our connected cooking app) grow and know I’m leaving it with people who care about it as much as I do!
**What’s next**
Graduate school! I’m planning to go back to school for a masters of nutrition, which I’ve been dreaming about for a decade!
And of course, since I can’t stay off the internet and I like to stay busy, I decided to build the website (for health professionals, influencers, and parents who teach nutrition). So, if you teach heath or nutrition in any capacity, come follow me over at Health Beet

A huge thanks and ALL my love to all those who helped build super healthy kids and cared so much about it with me!! And who are making this difficult transition possible for me.