Christmas Tree 2014


It was a beautiful day for winter in Utah!  Unseasonably warm, and the perfect day to pick out our new, first live Christmas tree! We went to Beck Family Tree Farm in Alpine. Found a tree, and cut it down! getting our christmas tree1

TJ and Nate did the sawing, while Erica and I went for the four wheeler guys to hault it to our car.  It’s not that it was that heavy, but the pine needles felt like a porcupine!  We got stabbed too many times!



The trees had to be taller than 8feet, so they gave us a stick for reference.



Then, we tied it to the top of our car.




Once home, we decorated, and I think it turned out BEAUTIFUL!

Christmas tree 2014

Then, we met up with Sarah to see the Lehi Christmas parade.


Again, it was a beautiful day, so why not!

The band was there, and lots of candy was tossed to the kids.DSC_2596



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