Daily Meals

Ahh, the Pain

I hate taking Ibuprofen.  It usually upsets my stomach. But this morning… I was desperate. I’ve never been so sore after a workout (or at least in a long time!).  I did lower body weights. Squats and lunges with weights and It’s killing me!!

Plus I lost track again.  If I get through the Masters program without gaining weight, it’s truly going to be a miracle.  I was supposed to be studying all day, and kept getting distracted with snacking.  I was pretty good, but nothing I can account for.  You know, grapes, pretzels, more Pirate booty, a granola bar, more fruit.   Just unconscious, hand to mouth, stuff.

New goal: For every 2 hours of solid study, I get to do 1 hour of something else, like blog, cook, read for fun, clean something etc.

Second goal! More beans.  I will eat 1/2 cup of beans every day!  If its dinner and I’ve had no beans, I will eat them straight from the can!

So, let’s see. Breakfast: More oats mixed with raspberries, and egg whites.

DSC_1180DSC_1183 Cottage cheese and peaches

DSC_1201 For lunch, egg sandwich


Applesauce with the sandwich

DSC_1210 Then, that is when I lost count.  I started OK, but I don’t even know how far it went.

DSC_1211 DSC_1212 And I was actually EXTREMELY good for myself.  I only had a few scoops of cookie dough, and one cookie!  Success for not getting sick off of cookie dough for the first time in my life!!


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