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I just finished a 5.5 mile run! It was great. I ran faster than my normal pace (finished in 1 hour).

Decided to experiment a little with enzymes.  Dr. Fuhrman says, you don’t need to supplement with enzymes.  You should be eating foods high in enzymes such as pineapple, but lets be honest. I can’t always get everything I need in a day.  But I was reading this article about how supplementing with enzymes improves inflammatory conditions, such as colitis (which I have). Also it assists digestion to prevent bloating, cramping, gas, etc.

So, I tried some yesterday. Ironically, I haven’t been bloated or cramping in a long time, and yesterday, after enzymes, I got bloating and cramping!  Coincidence, I don’t know.  It could have been the 4 Quinoa cookies I ate?!?!

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