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My Weight Loss Story

I’ve mentally written my weight loss success story a thousand times.  In my vision, I become super skinny and everyone asks me how I did it! I always imagined my story would be something like, “I stopped eating sugar and never had a craving to over-eat again!” I wrote my imaginary “Body for Life” essay and became the …

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The tough part of a weekend getaway like  this is sorting through all the amazing pictures!  2 weeks ago, we decided to take one last hiking trip before winter, and go to the Escalante/Bryce Canyon area. I decided Bryce was my top spot as the most beautiful landscape in Utah! Really, I wish I could …

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Alpine Sliding Rock with Kids

We tried to go to Alpine Sliding Rock last weekend, when we were stopped at the gate to the trail by a cop. He told us we couldn’t slide on the rock that day because they were filming a movie!  He also said there was someone “very famous” up at the waterfall, and hopefully they …