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This week the fifth graders all over Utah County went to BYU to perform some songs about America. They call it Hope of America.  Nathan is in Yellow at the very top left.  We had a great time enjoying the festivities.


Here is the infamous light show:


And a clip of the many songs they sang



We especially liked this ninety something year old lady doing the splits!! 🙂


Then on Friday, I accompanied TJ’s first grade class to the zoo.  The bears were moved to Oregon while the fixed up their Utah home.  The butterfly/ albino crocodile exhibit was closed.  But we saw loads of Monkeys. They are the funniest ones anyway.

DSC_2416 DSC_2400 DSC_2391

Funny quotes of the week:

TJ:  Mom, I’m getting better at smiling, because I’m brushing my teeth a lot more these days.

Nate: Wade asked Nate what he would save up for if he started mowing the neighbors lawns next summer for money.  Nate’s reply, “I don’t know.  A wedding ring?”

We’re headed to California in the morning for DISNEYLAND!! WHoo, hoo!!

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