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I’m Back

Monday morning- 1 hour cardio while I read at least 20 pages of bio chem. I understand that text book so much better on the treadmill, it’s crazy!  Then lower body workout, minus the calves of course.

For breakfast:  Eggs, mushrooms, on a whole wheat tortilla

DSC_2194 Snack, cottage cheese and peaches

DSC_2204 For lunch, and forgetting I already ate a whole wheat tortilla today, I had the tortilla, ham, lettuce, tomato, with fat free cream cheese. Then a banana

DSC_2205 DSC_2206 I ate a zone bar on my way to school

DSC_2169 As soon as I got home from school, I had this waiting for me in the fridge: Pistachio pudding with protein powder. I’m so glad I made that ahead of time, because generally I’d be savaging for food!

DSC_2207 Then, while I was preparing dinner, I ate a few little crackers with peanut butter on them.

DSC_2209 Then this super yummy chicken salad (with chicken from a Rotisserie chicken)


And if you are curious, it really is 3:30 AM! I had to get up because I have so much studying to do. I’m no good at staying up late to study (always in bed by 9), but I am really good at waking up early!  So, here I go…. Electron Transport chain, TCA Cycle, and glycolysis are my focus this morning!

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