Spring Break 09

We enjoyed a fabulous, relaxing spring break. Wade took the week off. We started the week with Easter, where the kids got plenty of candy, and they each got a watch.

The next day we headed down to St. George to stay at the Hampton, courtesy of Dad :). On the way there, we found a fun hike just inside of a town called Leeds. It traveled along a river, and we found some great rocks and pools to explore.

Then we checked into the hotel. Then we went to Snow Canyon where they had some fun petrified sand dunes. Back at the hotel, of course the kids wanted to start swimming right away. They love swimming. Then we had dinner at Village Inn because it was right next to the hotel.

The next morning we got up and drove to Zion’s National Park. We hiked to the Emerald Pools, and weeping Rock. The same two hikes we did last time we were there. Wade and the boys wanted to do a difficult hike like Angels Landing, but Erica is afraid of heights, and I’m afraid of watching my kids from high rocks.

That night, they swam a little more. We had dinner at the Pizza Factory. Slept well, and packed up the next morning. We got out just in time because it started to snow on the day we left.

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