5.5 miles

I’ve run the same 5.5 mile loop three days this week. The first time I finished in 1 hr. 8 minutes, second time 1 hour 5, and this morning, 1 hour!  A whole 8 minutes off my time! I’m way excited about that. 

Something that may have helped the run this morning was music.  The last two times I’ve been listening to a book on Tape, TWITTER POWER.  While it is an excellent book, it may have slowed me down a bit.

There are only a few mornings left I’m willing to run outside. Then its to Gold’s or my treadmill in my own garage.  I’m not complaining though. My treadmill I purchased almost 11 years ago, for $2 from DI! Yes, TWO DOLLARS!  And its this awesome, HUGE, takes 4 men to move it, commercial strength treadmill.  Probably the best purchase of my life. It has made it possible for me to workout through three pregnancies, toddlers, babies, and a husband who often works odd shifts because he’s an RN.

This morning my nephew is getting baptized, followed of course by a fabulous family luncheon.  These things are hard for me to not over indulge.  There is always so much delicious food.  Hopefully I can bring a salad and fill up on that.  If I do though, I’m going to need to run to the grocery store and get some ingredients, so tootles.


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