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Can Halloween be over already?

I do not need this candy in my pantry! Or at least I should buy stuff I don’t like.  I have no willpower over mini candy bars.

However, I am finally under 120lbs!!  Here is the bad thing.  When I eat mini candy bars and still lose weight,  it creates a very bad situation for me.  From 12 years old and up, I’ve had to watch my diet and exercise or I would add the pounds on so easily.  So that has kept me away from junk food most of my life.  Of course I know inherently the reason to eat well goes far beyond the scale, but at the same time, it is going to take EXTRA effort for me to not eat the candy bars if they aren’t contributing to weight gain.

I know you’ll say, “but you should enjoy a little treat once in a while!” NO! I SAY! Never! It doesn’t work like that for me.  A “little” for me turns into 10 candy bars. Then I am sick the rest of the day and feel like crap!  I’m better off abstaining ALL THE WAY.

I wussed out on an outdoor run this morning. It was 42 degrees, not too cold, but the wind was biting… so I headed indoors and finished it on my treadmill.


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