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A Growth Mindset

If there is one thing that energizes me, it’s learning! I love school, workshops, classes, and anything where someone else is teaching.  The challenge then is not only to make the time for learning and growth, but also do something with the knowledge you get. It’s great to learn business strategies, but learning alone doesn’t move the needle. It’s the learning paired with action that can elevate ones life.  I remember hearing Stephen Covey say that every morning, while he rode his exercise bike, he would read and learn all about life/time management.  Before this, I would have argued that someone like Stephen Covey, who literally wrote the book on time management, wouldn’t have anything more to learn. But he understood it differently. In order to be at the top of his field, he consistently looked for growth opportunities and ways to learn new things from his colleagues and fellow authors.

To make learning and growth a priority, consider the following:

  • Commit to a habit of daily learning.  Whether this is in the morning, lunch or night, creating a habit as routine as exercise will catch on.
  • Approach learning with a specific plan.  What you will learn, and how you will consume the information.
  • Always have a subscription to Audible!   Reading via audio is the best way to get through books quickly.
  • Subscribe to podcasts in the field you want to study.
  • Take classes at the local college if you need the accountability to make it happen.
  • Sign up for online courses that you have to pay for, so you will more likely get it done.
  • If you are a butterfly, decide on 4-5 different fields you want to study and a calendar to fit them all in.

Deciding what, when, and how you will learn new things can be life changing! Give it a try today!