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Alpine Sliding Rock with Kids

We tried to go to Alpine Sliding Rock last weekend, when we were stopped at the gate to the trail by a cop. He told us we couldn’t slide on the rock that day because they were filming a movie!  He also said there was someone “very famous” up at the waterfall, and hopefully they would be done wrapping up filming by the end of the day.

So, I took 5 very disappointed kids home (they brought friends), but then we tried again with success yesterday.  The great thing about sliding rock is:

  • It’s a mile hike to get there, so it never gets Too crowded.
  • The kids love it, but at the same time, only slide about 5-6 times before they are exhausted.
  • The water is refreshing!!
  • It’s pretty much awesome.

We met up with Eliece and her kids and their cousins to make sure we got there (sometimes I back out of fun things when I get busy).

Alpine Sliding Rock Nate 2 Alpine sliding rock nate Alpine Sliding Rock TJ and Erica DSC_1858 DSC_1871 DSC_1876 Erica at Alpine Sliding rock 2 Erica At Alpine Sliding Rock

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