Daily Meals

BFL Wednesday

Wednesday’s are tough for me. I leave at 1pm for school, and I don’t get home till 9:30pm. Luckily, Wade rearranged his schedule to be home with the kids on Wednesdays.  Otherwise, it would not be possible!

I started the morning with upper body weights at the gym.  Ended with 45 minutes on the stairmaster, while I read all about Serine Proteases!   I desperately wanted to watch TV, but for some reason, reading Biochemistry on a cardio machine makes it “stick” for me!

I got home and ate another black bean, egg white, feta cheese omelette.  These are my new favorite!  I added mushrooms this time too.

Pictures before the sun comes out are just horrible for me:

DSC_1309 Then I ate a Kashi- Nut Roll Bar- Yummy! (no Photo)

Around 11:30, this sandwich made from Ezekiel bread, lettuce, string cheese and a the meat from our burritos the prior night.

DSC_1311 Then I packed for the road.  One meal was apple, string cheese, carrots.

DSC_1315  A second meal, cottage cheese and peachesDSC_1314 My third meal was supposed to be this:  Quinoa, black beans, and corn.  But I didn’t bring it in the school building to use the microwave, so I actually didn’t eat it.


I really wanted to eat more than this, because this morning (Thursday) I’m running 11 miles with Eliece.  I hope my engine doesn’t die!

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