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Body For Life Day 16

Monday was perfect! I ate everything I should. I even went to bed slightly hungry which made me feel like I didn’t “overeat”.  So, for fun, I entered all my food on Spark People, and it came out to over 2000 calories! I was seriously shocked.  For being 5’1, 2000 calories is pretty up there.  I could change a few things, like maybe 5 meals instead of 6? Maybe a lower calorie protein bar?  Something!

My workout- 30 minute intervals around the track behind my house. (photo obviously taken in the spring.) I love the track, because if the kids need me, they can just walk out back and get me.



egg whites and black beans, with a touch of feta cheese in the middle!! YUMMY! With a banana

DSC_1276 Second meal:  Oats/ berries, and protein powder

DSC_1179 Meal 3:

Sweet potato and chicken (I do use my plates quite a bit)


Meal 4: I finally made a true green smoothie!  Thanks for encouraging me Venessa!


And then I got weak! Totally anxious as I await mail letting me know if I got into the Masters Program or not!  No letter today, but ate 3 of these macaroons while I watched for the mailman!


And lastly, our cafe rio burritos for dinner:

DSC_1306I really wanted to eat more of those macaroons. But luckily, I didn’t. And thankfully when I woke up this morning, I was still 121lbs.  So the three I ate wasn’t detrimental. Whew!

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