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Exhausting Run

11 miles is exhausting! If ever I sat down yesterday, I just wanted to take a nap.  However it was nothing compared to the fatigue I felt after long runs last summer. Just before I had my TSH (Thyroid) checked.  When I had a long run, I was not only tired all day, but I literally couldn’t put thoughts together.  That was when my TSH was supposed to be under 5, and it was 95!

Before the run, some extra food. Egg whites and oatmeal with applesauce


The run was fun: (two hours, 11 miles)

DSC_1322 A luna bar During the run

DSC_1323After run: cottage cheese on Ezekial toast.  I had two of these, but I actually didn’t like it much.








Then a cookie.  These were still leftover from SUNDAY!  I have never had cookies last this long in my house, ever!  Which goes to show me, I really was the one eating the cookies, all of them!

DSC_1328 Sweet potato, chicken and carrots


Apple, string cheese: DSC_1332 Then I wanted to sautee some of this yummy cabbage with feta cheese! It was really good. I had two helpings


And lastly, some taco salad. 


Then I had a meeting at church that went till 10pm!  I was really tired!

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