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If I could have a dime for all the times I said to myself, “If I could just get organized, I’d be able to get more things done!” Every time I “organize something, It ends up in disarray a few days later.  It’s hopeless. Why can’t I have a house that stays clean and organized! Why can’t my kids bathroom get cleaned more than once a month.  Why do I forget every day to get to the library to get TJ a book to read at night.  I remember at bedtime, and he goes another day without a book from his reading list.


I had a little too much fun this weekend. When I should have been organizing things, we picked apples again, and I spent Saturday night at a Stake Dance!  So much fun.  I thought I was pretty good as far as not eating crap. The only bad thing I ate was some Great Harvest, Cinnamon Pull-apart bread… and it was BAD!!  If bad means good.  And if bad means so good I ate too much and then felt crappy the rest of the day. I mean physically crappy.  Not guilty crappy, cause it was kind of worth it Smile


I started Saturday and Sunday with eggs though. Yum, Yum!


Funny quote of the weekend:  TJ is writing a paper for school about diversity. He’s 8 years old, in the 3rd grade.  His paper said :

“When you accept diversity you are kind. I have a friend Noa who is from Hawaii. I treat him like I would treat any American.”

I’m still laughing about it!

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