Daily Meals

I tossed it

I had to throw out a package of won ton wrappers!  I don’t know what draws me to those.  The doughyness?  The chewyness?   Whatever it is, it wasn’t worth the calories.  I just kept cramming one after another down my throat.  Kind of pathetic I think.  And if that isn’t enough, I can’ simply throw something away like that (especially if its protected with packaging). I have to fill the bag or package with water as to render the item completely undesirable.  Then, I had to throw away 3 pumpkin chocolate cookies I had left over (after I ate two of them before breakfast).  Now I’m considering tossing the rest of our Halloween candy. But all that is left is suckers and laffy taffy, which doesn’t tempt me, so maybe I’ll just leave it.

IMG_0435 So TODAY is the new day! My workout was much better this morning.  Yesterday I cut it short after 20 minutes cause I was so nervous about an org chemistry test.  I felt like I should use that time to study.

Then for breakfast I had some granola with a spoonful of applesauce on top.  I thought it was super super yummy.

I’m determined to step up the nutrients in my diet. I can NOT get sick this winter. If I miss one day of chemistry, I will be forever lost.   I can’t let my kids get sick either.  So all of us are going to get way more fruits and veggies. That’s the only way.

One last thing. I’m reading an awesome book called, “The Pleasure Trap”.  It contends that when you eat refined food, high in sugar and fat, it is natural to develop a true addiction to food. You cannot regulate your dietary intake because those foods are foreign to our natural biological condition.  When you eat REAL food. Whole foods, unrefined foods, its not only easy to eat the proper amount of food you need, but you won’t experience cravings in the way we know them. Very interesting, don’t you think??

Tomorrow I’m getting a hair cut!  So excited.

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