It’s confirmed

Ok, it’s official.  There are certain things that I can’t have in the house that prevent me and keep my from my goals.  I literally have a list.  Now, I just have to stick with the list. If its not in my house, I will not eat it.  I will not run to the store, only to obtain it.  I will simply choose something else that I do have access to.  This is my list, and it hasn’t changed in ten years.

  1. Reeses Puffs Cereal (I can eat it standing in the pantry by the handful)
  2. Teddy Grahams, Nilla Wafers, Animal crackers, etc.
  3. The yummy yummy trail mix with the m&m’s, raisins, nuts. 
  4. And officially from this weekend of indulgence, mini or fun size candy bars.

But alas, tomorrow is  a new day. I’m completely devoted to getting all the junk and sugar out of my system.

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