Daily Meals, Nutrition


Sorry about the title, but that is the ONLY thing on my mind right now.  Cell membrane structure, active transport, Kreb Cycle, carbohydrate metabolism… But in 8 days it will finally be over.  I’m quite thrilled over it.

Mostly good day, despite a handful of these:  

DSC_2150 But the rest of the day- 4 mile run, with 4 high points. I really took those high points to exhaustion. I felt great about it.

Then I got home and had MORE EGGS.  I am not sick of these. I love eggs!!  This time I put them in a whole wheat tortilla.

DSC_2141 The a quick snack before a church meeting.

DSC_2145 I had another one of these bars, but they aren’t very filling.


For lunch, some leftover roast on whole wheat bread and strawberries.

DSC_2148 Late snack

DSC_2157 And then some chicken, potatoes and carrots

DSC_2159 That’s about it!

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