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Saturday- A moment of Weakness

These pancakes were to die for! They were from Tosca Reno’s cookbook that I picked up at the library.  Cottage Cheese pancakes! So yummy! I put a dollop of yogurt on each one, with peaches on the side.

DSC_1080 Meal 2: about 10am.  Protein powder, water, and frozen berries.

DSC_1083 Then I was getting really snacky, because I was studying.  Popcorn is my perfect snacky fix.  (unpictured.. I also had a string cheese)

DSC_1087 About 2:00, I mixed up some canned chicken with fat free mayo, put it with lettuce in a whole wheat tortilla.  I also ate an orange with it.

DSC_1089 DSC_0919

Then, I was feeling, weak, frustrated, overwhelmed, mad for no reason… I was searching for some sugar, some junk food, something to satisfy my emotional needs. Fortunately, and unfortunately we don’t have any junk food.  So I always turn to the same thing… a spoonful of peanut butter with chocolate chips!  It’s so bad, and so good.


It could be worse.  My old go-to junk was a spoonful (or bowlful) of peanut butter with powdered sugar mixed into it!  It seriously tastes like the inside of a peanut butter cup! I love it.

Then at 5:45 we went to the stake center to have dinner with the stake presidency before the adult session of Stake conference. I was super good. No rolls, and no dessert. I had the minestrone soup and some fruit and vegetables. I felt great afterwards.

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