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Wednesday Meals

I KNOW I had a good upper body workout yesterday, because I woke up sore this morning! So glad. I haven’t been sore in a few weeks, so at least things are still firing away in the muscles.  I also did 40 minutes walking on the treadmill.

Then for breakfast: Bowl of fruit and egg whites (with feta cheese)


DSC_1852Meal two: some plain greek yogurt with all fruit jam mixed in.  I used to eat this all the time. I’ve always loved plain yogurt with jam.  Then I was cleaning up after my kids left for school, and finished off my 11 year olds cinnamon toast.  I should have just thrown it away, it wasn’t even that good. cold and crusty.

DSC_1855  DSC_1856 Then some cottage cheese and peaches, plus a string cheese.  Good thing for photos, because I completely forgot I ate that string cheese.

DSC_1858 Then, I packed for school, ate it all between classes.  Apples, almond butter, hard boiled egg, granola bar, and protein bar.  And I was still hungry! 

DSC_1860 So on the way to my second class (they are across town at two different colleges), I stopped for some chicken and rice! WOW it was amazing.  I sucked it down so fast I could barely enjoy it. 

DSC_1869 I ate the last meal at 5pm.  It was so huge I guess it was good I didn’t get to bed until 10pm.  That gave me about 5 hours to digest the huge thing.

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