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Thursday- Friday. Body for life day 39 and 40

Just catching up here. My problem in life is balance.  When I have something important to do (such as study for a big test), I can not do ANYTHING else until that thing is over.  All my energy goes into that one thing.  I can never study for an hour a day, and do other things in life that are important… like laundry!  No, I study for hours and hours until the test is over. Then I don’t open my text book again till it’s time to get ready for the next test.  Definitely my biggest downfall in life.

So, Thursday, I was getting anxious with too little time… So I actually only did the 20 minute cardio.  I worked out hard. Sweated a lot, but I felt guilty that it was so few minutes of exercise. 

Then for breakfast… this hard boiled egg thingy in a whole wheat tortilla.  Plus a banana:DSC_1870

Then I drove up to Salt Lake for a training meeting (for my church calling), with my presidency.  I snuck this protein bar during the meeting.


Then of course we had to go to lunch :). So I got an Asian Chicken salad, and a lemon cookie.

IMG00136 IMG00137 I have got to get a newer phone. Those pictures are awful.  Here is something I learned from Dr. Fuhrman.  Once I ate that cookie, I wanted MORE treats the rest of the day. I was foraging around the house.. trying to get something sweet.  It was horrible.  Just that one cookie, sent me into a frenzy.  I ended up eating a few handfuls of cinnamon chips (Hershey’s.. intended for cookies), and a few taffy’s.  Those are for Easter and I keep dipping into them!  I shouldn’t have eaten the cookie!  Of course I didn’t take pictures of the stuff I ate on an impulse!

Later though, I had a Kashi bar.

 DSC_1680   Then for dinner, we had egg salad sandwiches, strawberries and carrots.


Then Friday- GREAT WORKOUT!!  I met my friend at the gym.  We did 10 min. interval’s on the treadmill, then barbell squats.  10 min. Intervals on the stairmaster then lunges.  10 minute intervals on the bike, and then ab exercises.  Then a 10 minute cooldown on the treadmill.  We were sweating hard!  We intentionally don’t do calve exercises. I hate them, and my calves are already pretty huge! I do not need them getting bigger!

Before working out, I had a hard boiled egg and a banana

DSC_1876 Then after, no picture, but it was soooo yummy.  I had oatmeal cooked with milk, protein powder, and strawberries.

The next meal I had a turkey sandwich, which was yummy!  And strawberries

DSC_1897 DSC_1895

Then I got snacky as I tried to study.. Popcorn!  Which I should have avoided. I really want to cut back on salt more.

DSC_1896 Then I started getting lazy and stopped taking pictures.  For dinner I made some chicken breasts marinated in italian dressing.  It was great! Plus some rice and corn. 

This weekend will be tough.  Easter becomes a two day festival around here.  Day 1 , fun, neighborhood stuff.  Sunday, Family parties (we have TWO).  I am only going to have ONE free day! I prefer it to be Sunday family party day, because the food will be so much better than candy Saturday!

Happy Easter!

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