Weight Loss

Tuesday- started strong, then fell

This morning started out perfect. I had a great 4 mile run with my heart rate monitor so I truly did intervals.  It took about 50 minutes.

DSC_1789 Then I decided I wanted to drink a protein shake with fruit, veggies, flax seeds, and protein every day. Just so I make sure to get some of those vital things.  I added POM juice in it (they sent it to me to review on my kids blog). And it was super yummy.

DSC_1785 So, my SECOND meal ended up being Egg whites and ezekial bread.

DSC_1795 Third meal, leftovers from last night, plus a cutie.

DSC_1796 Then, I started experimenting for my kids blog… and it all went down hill. After two of these, I stopped counting.  I was pretty full by the time I was finished snacking, that I didn’t eat again.  They are like bars, made from cereal.  They were really good!

DSC_1840 I’ll be better tomorrow.

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