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Body For Life Day 19

Body for life day 19 (Friday).

I woke up early for weights this morning.  But first did about 15 minutes on the stair stepper, just to warm up and read more about Serine Proteases.  But then my friend Eliece met me for the weights.  We did

  • barbell chest press and dumbbell fly
  • Dumbbell shoulder raises then overhead press
  • Compound row and lat pull down
  • Tricep extension and tricep dips
  • barbell bicep curls, hammer curls

We definitely fatigued with each exercise!

For breakfast

Egg whites, black beans, ezekial toast

DSC_1355 Then I had to get to a 9:30 Gold Medal Meeting, after the kids left. So I brought a Kashi bar

DSC_1358 Around 11:30 I had some yummy, yummy blackberries and cottage cheese.  They were on sale 2.50 for 6oz.

DSC_1356 Then I had to get serious about studying.  The problem there… love to snack.. I actually had THREE BOWLS of popcorn!  And TWO granola bars (they did say protein on them :)!  It was not on purpose!

DSC_1361 DSC_1360

Then I realized I really needed to balance it out with some protein.

So, chicken and an apple


Then for dinner: Some chicken, two strawberries, and a huge pile of edamame.  My kids and my husband kept snagging the soybeans, but I shared.


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