A Diagnosis: Hypothyroidism

As many of you know, I have struggled with losing those “last ten pounds” for quite a while!  I don’t eat much, between 1400-2000 calories per day, and I have exercised religiously, daily, for more than 10 years!! 

Finally, a few weeks ago, during a life insurance blood draw, the results came back that my cholesterol was 250!  It has been normally 150-180 for many, many years.  Then, suddenly I put on almost 8 pounds in a very short amount of time.  While these were occuring, I also developed a pain in my right hip, and then suddenly the pain relocated to my wrist (like Carpal tunnel).

So, I made an appointment with my OB for a regular checkup, pap smear, and blood work.

Mostly I was interested in what my thyroid hormone number was. This was the only explanation I could think of for the weight gain.

Normal TSH levels fall between 0.5 and 5.  My TSH was 94!  Yeah, that is no typo, NINETY FOUR!!!  No wonder I can’t lose weight.  I have no metabolism. I’ve only been able to maintain my weight for so long because I eat right and exercise.  I’m a long way from trying to figure out what the cause for me is (although it is genetic and my mom, and her aunt both have a thyroid problem), I am so glad I know!!   The nurse in giving me my levels said, “Are you tired??  you really should be tired with a number this high!”  I actually am not that tired, although I could always use some more energy.

So, now I’m going to pick up a prescription for some synthroid, and I will keep you updated on how it makes me feel and what the results are.  If anything, I’m hoping now I can actually exercise and SEE RESULTS! Wouldn’t that be motivating!?!?!?!?!

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