There was a lot of things I wanted to prepare in the kitchen this morning.  Knowing myself however, I decided to do it all before breakfast.  Once I eat breakfast and I’m still in the kitchen, I will keep snacking. And I did it! Despite making all this.


  • apple chips
  • white chicken chili
  • homemade bread
  • rolls
  • cookies (because they asked us to make some for the Fathers at church today) AND
  • Wheat berries

…I didn’t eat any of it!! I couldn’t beleive my self-control.  Once it was all finished and cleaned up, I sat down to a wonderful spinach and berry smoothie.  And it was all finished by 9:30.


An hour after the smoothie, still a bit hungry, I used the rest of the strawberries I had set on the counter and didn’t put in my smoothie.  I added a dolup (is that how you spell doll-up?) of greek yogurt.  This tasted great.


For lunch, I couldn’t resist having some of my homemade bread, so I made a sandwich and a side salad.  The sandwich had lettuce, tomato, and mustard.


I sketched out a menu for the week.

  • Tonight: White chili
  • Monday: Chinese chicken with wild rice
  • Tuesday: Chicken parmesan
  • Wednesday:  Fajitas
  • Thursday: Chicken pillows
  • Friday: Avocado/ sprout sandwiches
  • Saturday: Lasagna

I love my kids, I really do!  But couldn’t they settle down for one day. They play so loudly! They tease, fight, cry, laugh, you know, be kids!  I can only handle it for a few hours a day, NOT 12 HOURS!   Perhaps if I kept them busier?  I don’t know.

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