Daily Meals

Breakfast with Friends

I wanted to share some pictures from my Birthday breakfast, because I love pictures of food!  I chose this oatmeal (lined with an oatmeal cookie at the bottom of the bowl)


Emily had a veggie omelet… which was so delicious.  She let me have half.


And Doreen had some sort of breakfast burrito thing:


From my birthday and on, I have been eating pretty horribly!  I’m so ready to go on a vegetable only fast until I don’t feel like there is lead in my stomach.  Today is Sunday though, a new week, and a all the junk food is gone (including the Thanksgiving rolls that I have been eating one after another). No more pie, no more caramel corn, no more chocolate chip cookies.. it’s all gone! I’m so glad. Now I can not be tempted.

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