Erica’s Baptism

We started out 2009 on the right foot, with Erica getting baptized. We do our baptisms with the combined stake (4 wards at a time), but as luck would have it, Erica was the only one of our 4 wards getting baptized. So we basically had our own baptism.
It was perfect! She looked adorable in a new pink dress. Wade baptized and confirmed her. It was short and sweet.
Wade’s parents, Mom, Bruce, Sarah/Trevor/Maddie, Trina/Brian and some of their kids, Ryan, Heather and their kids, Tia brought Beths kids (beth was at a wedding), Dyke/ Denise and their kids, and Laura and Her kids all showed up.
Afterwards, everyone came to our house for lunch. We had sandwiches, vegetables, fruit, chips, and lot’s of dessert.

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