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Seven Peaks

Each year the kids get free tickets for one day at Seven Peaks water park.  So we try to go once during the summer.  Nate was thrilled he could walk around the park and actually SEE things!   He just got contacts and is loving his new view of the world.

Seven Peaks was way too crowded for me and Wade.  We got our $8 double tube stolen after only using it once.  And we were all starving because they won’t allow food in the park.  One lady sitting next to us waited 90 minutes for a pizza!!! If they want you to buy food in the park, rather than bring it in, 90 minutes for pizza is unacceptable!  I hope she writes a nasty letter to them!

We let the kids bring friends, which was our best move ever.  They have a lot more fun with their friends.  TJ however hung out with me and wade.  The poor kid is counting down the days when he can be at least 48 inches to ride all the rides.  He get’s really bummed out that he’s too short for so many things.

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