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TJ Turns 8

That’s right, my baby is 8 years old!  Turning 8 is a big milestone for our family.  He first had a party with 6 friends of Lasertag at Trafalga.

DSC_0107 DSC_0101

This was followed by Cake and presents.  I love cake decorating!  And this oreo cake was super fun to make!  We gave him a scooter for his birthday. Generally we wouldn’t spend that much on our kids birthday gifts ($40 is usually the limit), but we had bought the scooter for Christmas and then changed our mind and got him a Nintendo DS instead.  So, we saved the scooter for his birthday.  It’s super fun! I even like to ride it.

TJ Oreo Cake DSC_0132

And then the most important event of all, TJ got baptized!  We had a wonderful baptism with family and friends.  We had everyone over for lunch after the baptism! It was a wonderful day!


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