Christmas 2008

Yesterday was Christmas. The festivities began with a Christmas Eve dinner attended by Wade’s mom and the kids. (Wade was late coming home from work). They opened gifts from Grandma… blankets, pajamas, and misc. toys. Then they opened some pajamas from Wade and I.
Christmas morning wade worked till noon. I woke up at the same time he did, around 5am, but the kids slept till after 7:00!! I was shocked.
Erica got an Easy Bake Oven, a Big purple Tinkerbell pillow, and roller blades. Nate got a lego set, a tech deck thingy, and a snow board. TJ got a dart gun, roller blades, and a sled. I got a bunch of clothes from Wade. And wade got himself “Rock Band” for the Wii, but really for the kids.
After Wade got home from work we went sledding. Then we spent an hour or so at Trina’s house with the rest of the family and lots of food.