Today started out pretty good. We went to the annual Greengo family Christmas party. Not very many people showed up, so we were glad we went. They hired a Santa Clause that did magic, and had a pinata for the kids. They got quite a bit of candy.

Then later on, we decided to go sledding. We’ve gotten tons of snow this past week. So we piled our snow clothes on, went to a sledding hill and had a pretty good time. Then we headed back to the car, only to discover the keys had fallen out of wade’s pocket on one of the sledding hills. We spent a good amount of time searching the whole area with no luck. We never bought a spare key for our Acura because it has to be coded and costs like $100. We called Wade’s sister Heather to get a ride home cause the kids were getting cold. Wade went back to the hill with his other car, Heather was already there looking for our keys for us. They spent a few hours searching, but with no luck. To get a new key for this car, we have to have the car towed to the dealership for them to re-code the car and the keys. We are looking at least $200 or more. I’m taking the kids back up to the hill this morning to keep looking.

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