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2013 Updates for Fall

We grew a garden this year. But about the only thing that produces was our zucchini plant!  We did get lots of zucchini, and if we forgot it for a second, they turned massive!

2013-08-04 16.33.13We also went with the Roskelley side of the family to a demolition derby.

2013-08-17 21.32.51Some hiking at Bridal Veil as well as Snowbird

2013-08-18 15.02.28 2013-09-02 11.36.08

Then, Erica and I went with my mom and sister to Time out for Women! It was amazing!! We’re so thrilled that we’ve made that a new tradition and I was so glad that Erica was old enough to go with us!2013-09-13 16.22.46 2013-09-14 15.58.29

You know, I might have a lot more interesting things to say or stories to tell, if I would update this blog right away!

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