Weight Loss

A new reason

I need a new reason to keep eating well! To not pig out! To care about my health. To not feel sick when I climb into bed at night (which is what happened the last TWO nights!

The motivation for me two months ago, and the turning point in my healthy attitude, was the real possibility that I would soon be an RD, beginning the Masters program in nutrition, and I really wanted to look like a person someone would seek out nutrition advice from! You know, really fit and awesome.  It was amazing how this changed my entire attitude about food!  I wanted to model the behavior I would soon be teaching. 

But it changed slowly when I didn’t get it.  I was able to keep it up for a little while, but slowly, I started to get lazy.  Never about the exercise….I LOVE to exercise.  But lazy about a nibble here, a nibble there… “Just one cookie” etc.   

I am digging deep… searching my soul for a lasting reason.  The reason ought to be, my body is a gift from God!  A temple to be respected and taken care of.  That should be reason enough, right?

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