Family Home Evening

Starting off with last Sunday:  EASTER!!

We found baskets, dyed eggs.  Then had  a delicious dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Bankheads… followed by a Roskelley party… and ton’s of General Conference!


Last night, we had Family home evening, with the lesson provided by Erica, as always.

Here is how it went down.  You see… she had paper bags, each with an item that was disconnected (the bandana) connected (a rubber band) and in the middle (a paper clip). For the disconnected Item we put a penny in the
box that said disconnected, and so forth for the other bags. Then she said, the disconnected item represented people following Satan, the connected was people following Jesus, and in the middle, the people that couldn’t choose.
then in our bags was noodles.  The broken noodles were people following Satan and the straight noodles were people following Jesus.   She thought of this all on her own of course!


This morning, TJ finally had his two front teeth pulled.. poor kid!  The roots were super long! We would have never gotten them out on our own.

DSC_2024 DSC_2022

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