At least I’m exercising

Well, I know I can be consistent with exercising, although Halloween candy is starting to get the best of me.  I know better than to buy it so early.  Its not worth it to have it staring at me every time I open the pantry.

Yesterday I got a great run in.  I know, I’m a slow runner.


Then I spent some time cleaning out my freezer! It was amazing the things I found in there.  Including several bags of frozen berries. I need to be better about rotating those things.


Then I found some great deals. Walmart had a 10lb bag of potatoes for 68 Cents!! Holy deal! and they had bananas for .19 cents per pound.  That is also a steal.

Then we had a visitor in our garage!!  EWW, I do not care for snakes, especially in my garage!!


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