Daily Meals

Conference = Baking

I love General Conference. I love hanging out in my kitchen and baking all day!  With no where to go, and nothing to do.

I hammered out some delicious cookies!


But was careful to eat more grapes instead of cookies


Then sprouted some alfalfa. I can’t wait till its done.


Baked some bread.


And did lots of baby holding.


OK, I lied. I actually ate more cookies than grapes. I’m totally regretting it this morning. I don’t even feel like eating.  Today a new day! As soon as I get hungry, smoothie for breakfast.  SALAD for lunch.  And some veggie soup for dinner.  I should feel back to normal if I can eat that well today.  Which may be tough considering I have about 5 dozen cookies left!!! Anyone need some cookies today???

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