Daily Meals, Weight Loss

Dr. Fuhrman and Alanis

Yesterday, didn’t have much time for eating and preparing food. But I did make it outside for a morning run.  I probably went 3 miles, 45 minutes.

For breakfast, Oatmeal

For Lunch, this yummy soup called Borsch, that my neighbor Julie made for me.


And then for dinner, some Ravioli. 

I’m deciding I’m starting to look OLD.  I’ve taken a bunch of pictures of myself with this new camera, and in every one, I look like a haggard old witch.  I’ve decided it’s my skin tone.  Its so washed out, dull, and mottled.  I’m doing something about it though… More Retin-A!  I’ve got several tubes from my bad skin days, and I need to start putting in on more often.  More cell turnover = brighter skin!  I’m hoping so.

This is an awesome video of Alanis Morisette and how she lost weight following Dr. Fuhrman (my favorite doctor in the world).

( my video’s usually don’t show up in a feed)

And lastly, if you like podcasts, check out http://www.twofitchicks.org/ Its great radio! Very inspiring.

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