If I could be a Giraffe- I’d have time for Ohm

I just read that a giraffe needs less than 2 hours of sleep a day! What does a giraffe need 22 waking hours for?  Giraffe’s get to graze and meditate in the warm sun all day.  I’m the one who needs 22 hours a day!  If only I could be a giraffe. Then:


  1. I could get up for the gym at 4:30 am when the alarm goes off without being groggy.
  2. I could get the kids to piano and gymnastics without being late.
  3. I could actually style my daughters hair before school so she doesn’t look like an orphan.
  4. I could use my time between my Chemistry lab and Organic chemistry to study rather than get my grocery shopping done.
  5. I could sort the coupons I’ve been collecting from my local paper since March and haven’t had a chance to cut out.
  6. I could write the mid-year report for Gold Medal Schools (my second part time job) that has been on my to-do list for literally 6 weeks!
  7. I could give a few hours to my first part time job, where I haven’t worked for at least 3 weeks.
  8. I could make my kids favorite salad with Oikos Greek Yogurt.
  9. I could help my 11 year old finish some requirements for his Merit Badges that he’s waiting for “adult assistance” with.
  10. I could help the kids with their homework rather than answer them
         with, “You can figure it out.”
  11. I could actually wash my kids sheets off their bed, rather than
         wait for my 6 year old to “have an accident”
  12. I could read my friends blogs so I don’t find out they were with
         child, two weeks after they had a baby.
  13. I could show up for my 1st graders class on Tuesdays (like I told the teacher I would at the beginning of the year).
  14. I could bake something for the ladies I visit teach, my primary board, and maybe even the neighbor that just had surgery.
  15. I could catch up on the check requests accumulating in my PTA box at the elementary school.
  16. I could edit photos for my blog before I hit publish.
  17. I could catch up on Law and Order!  Very Important.. Very, Very Important.
  18. I could study for the GRE that I paid $150 to fail.
  19. I could clean around the bottom of the toilet in the kids bathroom (although it would just need to be done again tomorrow.. don’t know how they can miss so often).


But alas, I’m not a giraffe. I’m actually glad I’m human. If I weren’t I wouldn’t be able to pull my kids in for a tight hug every night. I wouldn’t get to appreciate my husband for making dinner after his 12 hour shift. I wouldn’t get to use my opposable thumbs to blog and reach out to the world.  I wouldn’t get to admire my 11 year old at his piano recital and beam with pride! 

DSC_0231 I love my life as a human… but I wouldn’t be complaining if someone gave me 20 minutes in a jetted tub with a diet coke!

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