Finally Hot day

Hooray for 90 degrees! Its about time.

Between breakfast and lunch, I felt the need for an Amazing Grass smoothie!  It was delicious as always. I tried the berry flavored greens and it was perfect with my strawberry/ banana / soy milk.


Then around noon, I was cleaning and doing things here and there. Didn’t really feel like sitting down to a meal, so I made a jam sandwhich on whole wheat bread. I’ve actually never liked PB&J


The rest of the day was packed with a haircut, a rock sale, and a bird show at the Hutchings museum.  When we got home, I decided it was leftover night, it was already 5pm, and I didn’t have time to make anything else.



All I ate applesauce,


And some more salad.

P6230229And just in case you were worried I didn’t eat enough today, I topped it off with one of these.


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