Finally WARM

I woke up this morning, NOT COLD!!  Yesterday, I kept the house at 80 degrees before I felt comfortable.  I did not realize how cold I’ve been until this morning when I woke up, NOT COLD!!  I can’t tell you what a difference it was.  I just hope I don’t start getting hot flashes!

Yesterday, I didn’t feel much different. Same routine, same whatever.  But last night at about 8pm, I started to pick up the kitchen so I could go to bed.  Normally by 8, I’m crashed on the couch, and by 9, crashed in my bed.  I’m not a napper, so early bedtime has always been part of our routine.

Well, I cleaned the kitchen in record time!  I wasn’t distracted by doing other things.  Then as I walked through the house, I actually picked things up that I saw along the way.  Before I would see like a bandaid wrapper and think to myself, “I’ll pick that up tomorrow!”  Suddenly, without thinking, I was GETTING THINGS DONE!  Remembering things I had to do!  Its been a while since I felt that way.  I just wonder how long?!?!?

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