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Slowly but surely

I’ve been taking the 50mcg of levothyroxine with a little noticeable difference. Mostly that I’m not so cold all the time.  I’m starting to remember people’s names again, which is GREAT!!  I hate forgetting names of people that I know!

But  No weight loss. Saturday I woke up to 130.5 lbs.  I went to see an Endocrinologist, Dr. James Grua.  He was great!  He told me I was on a “wimpy dosage” and I could up it to 112 mcg.   He also insisted the Diet Coke was not responsible for killing my thyroid, nor is any foods like broccoli going to hinder my thyroid recovery.   I’m still going to avoid the diet coke however, for fear that it has something to do with my hip pain, and I really want that to go away before my race.

So, with the dosage higher, I do notice a little more energy.  The best part though, its Monday and I’m down in weight (a little) 127.5.  I did run 15 miles yesterday though, but in the past, even that wouldn’t take a pound off, so I’m glad.

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