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Finding Purpose in Life

Finding out what my purpose in this life is has occupied my mind for greater than a year now.  It comes at a time of changing roles in my business and at home.  For the past two decades I’ve identified myself as a mom and business owner. As my kids grow up, and my business expands, I feel less significant in those roles. So, I’ve been looking for a new role. A new venture to occupy my mind.  A new place in this world that I can feel significant.

I understand the true “purpose in life” as defined by God. We are here to return to Him. We are here to learn the things He needs us to learn to become refined and to be better people.  But how I fulfill that purpose, and in what roles and capacity is the burning question.

I’ve attended workshops, listened to podcasts, books, prayed, been to the temple, and so much more.  Still feeling unsettled and a lack of direction, I learned a few things in this journey.

  1. Sometimes you have to try on different roles to know what is right for you. When my kids were young, I signed them up for a different sport every season. I knew they couldn’t possibly know what their favorite sport was, unless they tried them all! For so long, I have been waiting for a sign, or a confirmation about doing something new.   But like a new item of clothing, you won’t know you like something until you try it on! This means, I could take a class at the college if I’m considering going back to school. I could start a new business that I’ve been thinking about. I could start going to the gym more often if I am thinking of becoming a professional in the field of fitness. I could bake more if I am thinking of exploring culinary arts.  I could start meditating if I want to become a yogi.   I will never know which one of these adventures feels right until I actually participate in them. Participate in life!
  2. It’s not about you!  This is a tough one to accept. That if you forget yourself, and get to work, God can do more in your life than you can ever imagine doing on your own. The sooner we accept this truth, the sooner God can work miracles in our life.  Lose yourself and find your identity. When God knows for sure it’s not about you, He will multiply  your influence.
  3. Finding your purpose is never a one time event, it is the work of your life.  Mind. Blown.  I first heard these words uttered by Amy Antonelli, a speaker and leader of humanitarian work.  Our purpose changes throughout our life, so to assume we can discover it and it won’t change would be so limiting.  My purpose as the mother of teens is very different than being a mother of toddlers.
  4. You don’t need to define, plan, and choreograph your life.  Being addicted to the strategy and creation of your goals can stop you from actually moving forward. Some of us can be so good at visualizing our goals, and feeling them so deeply, that it can be satisfying in it’s own right.  Spend a few moments to plan, but then get up and move ahead. Stop asking, and start living!

So, while I’d love to be able to answer this question, what is my purpose in life. I’m OK with just living it for now, and letting each day have it’s own purpose.  Each day I can ask myself, “What is God’s purpose for me today,” and bend to His will for my life.