Daily Meals


Swimming was great fun.  But I brought Chemistry and was desperately trying to figure out all these conversion equations and it took forever.  I am still a bit lost.  But I’m moving on.

When we got home, I started with a spoonful of almond butter, with semi-sweet chocolate chips on top.   When I’m in the kitchen making dinner, its tough not to dip, and re-dip into food like this.  And that’s what I did. About three times!  I was hiding the chocolate chips, because at the same time, the kids were eating apples dipped in almond butter.  They are so good sometimes.


 Then I got to watch my sisters kids for just a minute while she ran to get something.  Certainly, it wasn’t long enough.  I can’t resist this little guy.

P6150092 (WinCE)

Still fixing dinner, and still a bit hungry, I also had some nuts with raisins.  A  great combo to boost seratonin levels.

P6150091 (WinCE)

Then finally, with dinner made (some simple and plain pasta with salad) I had a lot more salad than pasta.  Unfortunately, I planned to add craisins (which someone had eaten) and walnuts (also gone)… so it was just red lettuce, cabbage, and chopped apples.  As the mom, I make food for everyone.  We can all sit down to the same meal, but I can choose to have a huge portion of salad, and a smaller portion of pasta if I want.  Without making seperate meals for everyone, we can all have indepedence.P6150101 (WinCE)
Cleaning up the kitchen now. Baths, and then the best part…finally kids in bed, alone time with Wade. We are an early family. Always in bed by 9.

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