Daily Meals

The sweetest 6 year old

I headed out at 5:30 to do a run around the neighborhood.  Some days, the 30 minutes extra I need getting to and from the gym, just isn’t there.  So I put my chemistry podcast in my ear and took off.  I got 50 minutes in and 4.5 miles.

I always eat a banana before I exercise, and today was no different.  When I got back, not ready for breakfast yet, I decided to fold a little laundry, dreaming about some yummy oatmeal I wanted to prepare.   That’s when TJ showed up with breakfast for me! He had been downstairs getting everything ready to surprise me.


Although, I really wanted some oatmeal, I ate the unwashed, unpeeled FIVE carrots, right in front of him. The apple and granola bar was also good.  Then I got downstairs and Nathan said he wanted to make me pancakes.  I suggested tomorrow would be good for pancakes, considering I just ate.

Some days you can’t really plan what YOU want.  Not breakfast, and not craisins for my salad last night (since someone ate those witout me realizing). Such is life of a mother.

Now I’m headed off to teach some 10 year old Webelos about nutrition! Wish me luck.

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