Daily Meals

I ate the wheat

This morning I was at the gym by 5:30.  I keep repeating in my head Julie MOrgensterns book title, “Never Check Email in the morning”. I also read a few reviews of her book over the weekend that said not checking email the first hour of the day had greatly improved their productivity!  What a concept. I am going to try it.

At the gym I read chemistry while on the eliptical for almost one hour! Hooray.

Then when I got home I fixed myself a little bowl of wheat berries with yogurt.  Then AFTER the fact, I got online to Nutritiondata.com to just check the calorie content.  While wheat berries are probably a super healthy food, 1 cup has 657 calories!!! WOW ! That is unsoaked however. So hopefully soaking at least doubles the size. If that’s true and 1 cup soaked berries has 325 calories, and I only ate 1/2 cup, hopefully I only had 160 calories of wheat.  I’m really hoping!

In either case, I better be finished eating for a few hours, just in case.

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