I’m a flogger ( food blogger )

My awesome sister came up with that one.

To finish off yesterday’s meals is easy.  It wasn’t that I was too busy to eat, but we went to a magic show, and then my sister hung out at my house for a few hours… so all I got around to eating was my yummy, delicious white chili from the other night for lunch.  And some taco salad for dinner.  I was very satisfied by both.  Its amazing how much LESS snacking I do, when I actually sit down to a meal!!


And the taco salad, which I thought I had a picture of, but apparently don’t.

Tonight we went to our city celebrations, picnic in the park. Our ward meets afterward for root beer floats.  It was about 65 degrees and a little breezy. Which actually made me cold. So I wasn’t tempted by ice cream AT ALL. I’m usually not.  If they had cookies on the other hand, I would be a goner.

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