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Keeping Track

06_2010roskelley034I only slept 4 hours last night thinking about this blog.  Normally, I’m an 8 + hour sleeper.  Not last night.  I kept thinking I need to keep a record for myself. I feel the need to document the things that keep me physically and mentally healthy.  I feel the need to write, and in the process, find myself.  In the words of Brad Wilcox,

“A journal is a perfect place to think, feel, discover, expand, remember, and dream…

Journals make it easy for me to look back over my own life and see the progress I am—or am not—making. They can motivate me to stay on course or make positive changes”.

To write of daily experiences on living a healthier, fuller, more elevated life, will allows me to become more aware of those events in my life.  And so it begins, my personal record as a web log….. 

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