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Science Fair

This year I was a little more involved helping Nathan with his science fair project.  I’m the type of mother who believed my kids should do their projects, homework, etc. on their own.  I’m usually standing in the wings to assist, but they are capable, so I usually bow out and pursue other things.. like cleaning and cooking dinner.

Lately though, I’m changing my tune.   A little help isn’t going to paralyze them learning to do things for themselves, so I helped!  Not only was he happy about his project, we had a fun time doing it together.

In Utah, kids display their projects at the school.  Some are chosen to bring their projects for a District wide competition.  Nathan was chosen to move on for his “Temperature Affects on Yeast”!

Experiement #2 75minutes


We brought his project to Pleasant Grove Jr. High where it was judged with about 320 other projects.  70 of them were chosen to move on to display their projects at BYU where they will have over $60,000 worth of prizes!! WOW!





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