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Wednesday meals

I am still sore from my lower body workout on MONDAY!! My hamstrings are killing me!

Wed. morning, 40 minutes cardio. Then upper body.

7:15am, egg whites, one whole egg and mushrooms. Plus banana


9:15, cottage cheese and fruit


11:15: Chicken and strawberry salad. with olive oil and balsamic vinaigretteDSC_2059 1:15 (In the car.. just before class) hard boiled egg, pear


3:15 DURING class. An EAS bar


5:!5 just before second class.. found a microwave to eat a sweet potato PLUS chicken.  and carrots.  I was so proud that I brought such a complex meal to eat AT school.

DSC_2061 At 9pm I had a few more strawberries. I was kind of hungry when I got home. Normally, I hate eating that late.

Have a great day!!

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